Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brisbane Waters National Park (mainly) 28/29th September 2012

New growth of a Grass Tree
pushing out the singed leaves
 after a fire.
(the only Friday photo)
It was a Saturday kind of Friday, as child minding and house inspecting duties cut short my flora photo taking jaunt for this week. Usually on my own, others don't appreciate stopping every couple of meters to stop and take (many) photos of some small object at the side of the track. Anyway I was able to get one photo on Friday and some more on Saturday while others didn't mind going on a short walk to a lookout and also the opportunity to see some big bold red Waratahs.
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One of the peas.

One of the peas.

Leptospermum sp.  -  Tea Tree

Eriostemon buxifolius ssp. obovatus
Box-leaf Wax-flower

Xanthorroea sp  -  Grass Tree

Patersonia sp.  - Purple-flag

Calytrix tetragona  -  Fringe-myrtle
Isopogan anethifolius  -  Narrow-leaf Drumstick
Tetratheca sp.  -  Black-eyed Susan
Livistona australis  -  Cabbage Tree Palm
View to the mouth of the Hawksbury River.
Cabbage Palms in forground.
Pultenaea rosmarinifolia  -  Bush Peas
Goodenia sp.
Kunzea capitata  -  Pink Kunzea

Conospermum longifolium ssp. longifolium
Long-leaf Coneseeds

Telopea speciosissima  -  Waratah (to be seen from afar)
Telopea speciosissima  -  Waratah

 Waratah, use to having it's photo taken.

Telopea speciosissima  -  Waratah

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Boongala Native Garden 21st September 2012

Twice a year, in Spring and  Autumn, this fantastic native garden is open for inspection and plant sales. As well as the photos I came away with 9 new plants for the garden, just can't help myself.

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Grevillea 'Sunkissed Waters'

Grevillea 'Sunkissed Waters'

Anigozanthos sp.  -  Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos sp.  -  Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos sp.  -  Kangaroo Paw

Lechenaultia biloba  - Blue Lechenaultia

Grevillea 'Peaches and Cream'

Eucalyptus sp.

Eremophila sp.  -  Emu Bush

Xanthorrhoea sp.  -  Grass Tree

Brachycome multifida  -  Cut-leaf Daisy

Grevillea bipinnatifida

Epacris impressa

Alyogyne huegelii  -  Lilac Hibiscus  (White form)

Calothamnus sp.  -  Net -bush / One-sided Bottlebrush

Calothamnus sp.  -  Net -bush / One-sided Bottlebrush

Scaevola sp.  -  Fan Flower

Pandorea pandorana  -  Wonga Wonga Vine

Doryanthes excelsa  -  Gymea Lily

Grevillea sp.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Cumberland Hospital Wisteria Festival 14th Sept 2012

Cumberland Hospital started life as the 'Asylum for Lunatic and Invalid Convicts' in 1847, it was renamed Cumberland Hospital in 1983.
Every Spring the Wisteria Festival is held in the gardens that were originally built in 1906 for the Superintendent of the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum (as it was then known). The wisteria plants were brought from Japan by his daughter.
In recent years the gardens have lacked the colour and volume of plants that were on show in years past, when Government departments had more money to spend on maintaining such projects. I have included a photo taken in 1968 which shows massed plantings of colourful annuals which are not used as much as they use to be.
Check out the  'Feather, Fur and Fang'  page.
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May Bush   (Spiraea)


Not as colourful as it use to be.




Blossom and Brassica



Dorotheanthus bellidiformis  - 
Livingstone Daisy / Ice Plant

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis  - 
Livingstone Daisy / Ice Plant

Wall flowers.  Violets.

Reflection      (this is showing upside down).

A little bit of Mexico.

Slide from 1968

Getting ready for another year.
New leaves on Frangipani.

Calendula  -  Pot Marigold / English Marigold.

If you know, please let me know.
(a tree with round black seed pods)

Even the weeds put on a bright show.