Friday, February 22, 2013

In The Home Garden. 22nd Feb 2013

Rain showers, doctor's  appointment, helping son and his family to move house didn't allow me to roam far today. A short sunny break allowed me to get some long overdue photos of some of the plants that are flowering at home in this last week of summer.

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Tropical waterlily  -  'Director Moore'

Correa reflexa  (variety) (native)

Fuchsia 'Fascination'

Felicia amelloides  -
 Blue Daisy, Blue Marguerite (and cricket).

Justicia carnea  -
 Jacobinia, Flamingo Flower,  Brazilian Plume

Campanula  -  Bellflower

Hibiscus geranioides  'Castaways' (native)


Viola hederacea  -  Ivy-leaf Violet.  (part the native lawn).

New growth, Doodia aspera  -
  Prickly Rasp Fern  (native).

A collection of Salvias

Melastoma affine  -  Blue Tongue (native)

Torenia 'Blue' -  Bluewings
Stenocarpus sinuatus  -  Firewheel Tree (native)

Crowea exalata x saligna  -  Crowea 'Festival'  (native)
Zephyranthes candida  -  Autumn Crocus
Melaleuca laterita  -  Robin Redbreast Bush (native)
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue Mountains Botanical Garden, Mount Tomah. 15th Feb 2012

After the last few hot Fridays my plan to find locations a little cooler, and, hopefully a few more plants in flower, paid off today with the visit to Mount Tomah. This Botanical Garden is home to a collection of plants from the cooler southern hemisphere, and, although it was a cooler day in Sydney, it was only 17C up here, still some 7 degrees cooler than down below.
The only disappointing aspect I could find with the garden is that not all the plants are labelled and so you will find below that there are a few photos with no description.

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Lillum speciosum
not sure
Erica sp. from Africa.

Protea sp. from Africa.
Erica sp. from Africa.
not sure

not sure

not sure, from Africa.
not sure
North America? not sure
North America? not sure

Gunnera prorepens, leaf.

Lilium lancifolium  -  Tiger Lily

Protea sp.  Africa.

Tradescatia caerulea  -  Spiderwort
South America, not sure.
not sure
not sure
Pholx paniculats   cv. Briadier
not sure

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG. Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

Butterfly on Sedum

Eastern Water Skink, variations.

Crimson Rosella

Spider on Dahlia

Superb Blue Wren.   Not fully coloured male.


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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wheelbarrow Ridge Track - Webb's Creek

Lobelia gracillis  (no common name)
.I've become aware of one thing over the last few weeks during this second half of summer around the Sydney sandstone habitats, as well as it being hot there isn't a lot of things flowering. As this is my first year of doing this blog it may be just this years season that has been affected and normally there are things out everywhere. I know that I won't get what I get if I stay home but it's been sometimes hard and not all that pleasant trudging around in the (usually) hottest and most humid part of the day to only find the same plants that seem to flower all year around. You will notice from the videos that I didn't do this outing all by foot.
One plus though, it saves me a lot of hours researching through the 1500 native plants around the Sydney district to find out what I have photographed.
The next few weeks I will be trying to find cooler climes, wherever that is, or gardens that get more regular water than those growing in our not as well watered local Sydney sandstone.
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Actinotus helianthi  -  Flannel Flower

Actinotus helianthi - Flannel Flower
Acacia linifolia. - Flax-leafed Wattle
Lomandra obliqua  -
 Fish Bones/Twisted Mat-rush.
Growing in an old tree stump.
Caesia parviflora  -  Pale Grass Lily
Dampiera stricta  -  Blue Dampiera
Eucalyptus gummifera  -  Red Bloodwood
Gumnuts, Yellow Bloodwood
Isopogon anemonifolius  -  Broad-leaf Drumstick
Cymbopogon refractus  -  Barbed-Wire Grass
Pimelea linifolia ssp. linifolia  -  Slender Rice-flower
Scaevola ramosissima  -  Purple Fan-flower / Snake flower
Getting there.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG. Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.
(there wasn't much!)

Lace Monitor, Goanna


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