Friday, June 29, 2012

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. 29th June 2012

 Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is part of the Guringai people Country.
Created in 1894 it is the second oldest national park in NSW and conserves some 15,000 hectares (37,066 acres) of sandstone bushland only 25 km from the centre of Sydney.
So it was on this fine winters day that I took the camera to 3 areas of the park, the Basin Trail (heath), West Head (forest) and the Waratah Trail (scruby heath, part of it had been burnt recently).

                                            Click here  for more habitat photos and videos.

Grevillea buxifolia  -  Grey Spider-flower

Hakea sp.

Xanthorrhoea sp  -  Grass Tree

Grevillea sericea  -  Pink Spider-flower

Banksia Spinulosa  -  Hairpin Banksia.
Profile and viewed from above.

Hibbertia bracteata  - Guinea Flower

(not sure)

Banksia ericifolia  -  Heath Banksia

Darwinia fascicularis ssp. fascicularis

Acacia sauveolens  -  Sweet Scented Wattle

(not sure, looks like Linum marginale)

Boronia sp.

Leptospermum sp.  (squarrosum?)  PinkTea Tree

Golden-tai​led Spiny Ant
feeding on nectar from  Hakea gibbosa.

Knotted branches of
 Angophora costata  -  Sydney Red Gum

Epacris longiflora  -  Native Fuchsia

Lives on after the fire,
 Xanthorrhoea sp  -  Grass Tree

Lobelia dentata  -  Angel Sword

Calytrix tetragona  -  Fringe-myrtle

Philotheca salsolifolia  -  Philotheca.

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  1. Such wonderful flowers. The Calytrix and Hakea caught my eye this time! Loved the Sydney Red Gum too and that Golden Tailed Spiny Ant is just spectacular!

  2. I get more surprises every time I go out as a lot of these are new to me. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the spines on the ant after cropping the photo.

  3. Beautiful flowers, Bill & Lynn! Most I am quite familiar with but the Grey Spider Flower (Grevillea) is a new one. What an interesting and pretty Grevillea!

  4. Att:Liz, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. The Grey Spider Flower is quite common in the sandstone areas around Sydney. I like the way the hairy flowers just burst out of the tops of the stems.