Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Friday of Winter - In The Home Garden.

After some most welcome rain for most of the week, the clouds parted long enough to get out in the yard and take some photos. So here are the plants that caught my eye in the garden today on this last Friday of winter. One of these days I hope to find out what all the names are of the plants in my garden, and update my records.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Grevillea sericea   “Collaroy Plateau”

Dockrillia teretifolia - Bridal Veil Orchid, Rat's Tail Orchid.
Swooping like Ghost Bats.
This is always the first to flower of the 3 small flowered orchids growing in my small 'Rainforest Garden'

 The 2nd of the smaller orchids (I don't know the name).

And the 3rd of the smaller orchids, I think it's one of Dendrobiums.

Epacris longiflora  -  Fuchsia Heath.

The bright yellow of a Senna sp.

Philotheca myoporoides  -  Long-leaf waxflower  'Profusion'

Grevillea venusta  -  Byfield Spider-flower

The seeds are just as hairy.
Grevillea venusta  -  Byfield Spider-flower.

Billbergia nutans  -  Queen's Tears, Friendship Plant.
 (exotic species)

Kennedia rubicunda  -  Dusky Coral Pea.

Kennedia rubicunda  -  Dusky Coral Pea.
Who needs the Sturt's Desert Pea when you can have this one.

The emerging flower-bud of a small week-stemmed palm tree that, I think, just came up by
itself in the garden.
  Could it be Chamaedorea costaricana -  Costa Rica Palm, Bamboo Palm ???? .
(exotic species)

Pittosporum undulatum  -  Sweet Pittosporum, Native Daphne.
A common plant on creek-lines that fills the air on warm nights with its sweet fragrance, hence its common names.

Snow-flakes, one of the first spring bulbs.
(exotic species)

This cheery Zieria sp. hangs over the front fence.

A double-flowered Jonquil.
(exotic species)

Hovea acutifolia  -  Pointed-leaf Hovea.
One of my favourite colours in the bush.

Doodia aspera  -  Prickly Rasp Fern, Rasp Fern.
The firey  new growth lights up a shady corner.

Acacia longifolia  -  Sydney Golden Wattle.

Another Hovea sp.
This one is in the front garden.

Eremophila maculata  -  Spotted Emu Bush.

Ardisia crenata  -  Coral Berry, Spice Berry, Scratchthroat.
 The fruit of this species are thought to be poisonous to humans.
(exotic species)

On the other hand, I've heard that the fruits of this Valencia oranges are quite save to eat.
(exotic species)

Pittosporum multiflorum  -  Orange Thorn.
An orange of a different kind,  this site  and   this site  say its edible, I've tried it, taste better than gum-leaf.

Good enough for another photo.
Kennedia rubicunda  -  Dusky Coral Pea.