Friday, July 6, 2012

Royal Botanical Garden Sydney. 6th July 2012

The garden was established in 1816 and covers some 30 hectares (74 acres) in one of Sydney's most spectacular positions.
This is where, in early 1788 on this area set aside as a private reserve for Governor Phillip, a small grain farm was established. The first harvest was in July 1788, however most of the crop failed due to being planted out of season, being eaten by rats and the poor soil.
This morning started out with rain showers but, by lunch time the sun came out and once again I was to enjoy another sunny, but cool Friday.
Please walk on the grass.
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Costus barbatus  -  Red Spiral Ginger
from Costa Rica.

Musa venutina  -  Banana family,
from N/E India.
Erythrina sp.  -  Coral Tree
Part of the succulent garden.
One of the Devil's Trumpet (Datura) plants.
Ficus dammaropsis  -  Dinner-plate Fig,
from New Guinea.

(not sure)

Camellia azalea  -  du juan ye shan cha (Chinese),
from southern China. (label says summer flowering).

Alstroemeria  -  Peruvian Lily .

Cactus flower.
Noisy Miner feeding on the nectar from
one of the Aloe sp. in the succulent garden.
The drinking fountain (with bubblers on all four corners) was built in 1889.
Camellia reticulata  -  'Ellies Girl'
Rhododendron loranthiflorum,
(epiphytic habit) from New Britain / Solomon Islands.
Snail attacked Clivia.
Fruits of Monsterio Delisio  -  Fruit Salad Plant,
from southern Mexico.
Montanoa bipinnatifida  -  Mexican tree daisy.
Idiospermum australiense  -  Ribbonwood,
N/E Queensland.
Ficus macrophylla  -  Moreton Bay Fig,
Central Qld to southern NSW.
Friuts of Ficus macrophylla  -  Moreton Bay Fig.

Lemaireocereus thurberi  -  Organ-pipe Cactus,
southern Arizona / west Mexico.

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  1. You found some stunners to highlight in this post!

    1. It makes it easer when they come with labels. After this outing it made me realize that I prefer plants in the wild (more little critters as well).