Friday, June 8, 2012

The Australian Botanical Garden, Mt Annan NSW 8th June 2012

Derwentia arenaria
This is Australia's largest botanic garden. Plants from all across Australia are displayed in both formal and informal settings.
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Scaevola aemula -'Purple Fanfare'  -  Fairy Fan Flower

Eremophila sp.

Natives used in landscaping
 (Coastal Rosemary and Grass Trees)

Actinotus helianthi -  Flannel flower

A little bit tropical, Palms and Pandanas.

Grevillea dielsiana

Banksia aemula - Wallum Banksia

Thryptomene denticulata

Homoranthus thomasii

Melaleuca sp.

Stylidium montanum  - 
Montane Swamp Triggerplant

Banksia sp.

Grevillea preissii subsp. glabrilimba

Grevillea georgeana

Allocasuarina emuina -
 Emu Mountain Sheoak

Macrozamia moorei  - Cycad

Cycad and seed pod.

Anigozanthos  -  Kangaroo Paws

Paper Daisy

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  2. So many stunning flowers! I do so hope I get to this garden one day.

  3. They are still adding gardens so there will be more to see when you do visit.

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