Saturday, July 21, 2012

Botany and Lake Parramatta. 20th-21st July 2012

 Friday this week was a bit of a fizzer (flora wise only) as we took one son and daughter-in-law to the airport for the start of their trip to Finland, Latvia and England.
I had chosen 2 parks, Gaiarine Gardens and Joseph Banks Garden, both at Botany near the airport, but flowers appeared not to be a big attraction at either. As not to suffer withdrawal symptons I went for a quick walk at Lake Parramatta, just 7 minutes from home, on Saturday afternoon.

Gaiarine Gardens, dedicated to the people of Gaiarine in Italy,
had a Italian theme in the plantings

Gaiarine Gardens. Olives and Cypress (European) type trees
on the left and Banksias, Lilly Pillies and Gymea Lillys (Australian)
on the right.

Gaiarine Gardens.

Gaiarine Gardens, Gazanias

Joseph Banks Garden

Joseph Banks Garden, Pandanus Palm.
Pandanus Palm, fruit.

Joseph Banks Garden, Cabbage Palm
and Banksia.

                                             Plants seen at Lake Parramatta, Sat 21st.

Acacia decurrens  - Black Wattle, Green Wattle.

Grevillea linearifolia  -  White Spider Flower

Lobelelia sp.
Kennedia rubicunda  -  Dusky Coral Pea
Correa reflexa  -  Common Correa
Boronia sp.
Hovea sp.
Adiantum aethiopicum  -  Common Maidenhair Fern
Actinotus helianthi  -  Flannel Flower
Lomandra sp.
Rapanea sp. - Muttonwood
Bossiaea heterophylla  -  Variable Bossiaea
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