Friday, December 14, 2012

Nepean River Lookouts, Mulgoa 14th December.

This area had signs of recent fires and, due to a lack of good rains, I thought there might not be much to photograph. There were more birds calling and a multitude of insects at this spot than all the other areas that I had visited so far.
Click here  for more photos and videos from today. (video quality not the best, had camera set on wrong setting).

Fingers of fire.  Angophora costata  -  Sydney Red Gum.
Pimelea sp.
Like a little chandelier is Pomax umbellata  -  Pomax.
Grevillea sericea  -  Pink Spider-flower.

Scaevola ramosissima   -   Purple Fan-flower,  Snake Flower.

The inviting blue berries of a Lomandra sp.

Must be Christmas.  New South Wales Christmas Bush.

Buds of Laxmannia gracilis  -
 Slender Wire Lily.

White flowers of a Leptospermum sp. (Tea Tree) frame
 the trunk of a Scribbly Gum.

Little orange stars abseil from a flowering grass.

Like a Violet with one petal,
 Hybanthus monopetalus  -  Slender Violet..

This seed doesn't want to leave home just yet.
Goodenia sp.
Not all the colour belongs to the flowers,
gum tips of a Eucalyptus sp.
This fern is making the most of the conditions
 after the recent fires.
Not all barks are the same (samples from today),
 and one isn't even bark. Can you pick it?
Melaleuca thymifolia  -  Thyme Honey-myrtle.
Macrozamia spiralis  -  Burrawang  (Cycad).
Leaves of a Lomandra sp.
One of the Trigger Plants, Stylidium sp.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.       The Wildlife From Today.

Geitoneura acantha  -  Ringed Xenica.

One of the Bee-Flies.

Cyria imperialis  -  Banksia Jewel Beetle.

Papilio aegeus  -  Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly.  (male)

My little friend, the Red Bull-ant.

Heteronympha merope  -  Common Brown Butterfly.

Grey Shrike-thrush.


Grasshopper on Scribbly Gum.

The bump on the bill and the feathery collar makes this one
a Noisy Friarbird.

Peregrine Falcon. Two today and two seen last Friday
on the coast.

Robber Fly.

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