Friday, February 1, 2013

Berowra Valley Regional Park Quarry Track (Dural end).

Picking up my Granddaughter from school kept me close to home today. Then, with an approaching storm with large hail threatened, this kept my walk fairly short and not a lot of ground was covered but this area always seems to have something on show.
I have found that in the second part of summer there is not much in flower and that is why I have had to include some species that seem to be blooming all year round. Having said that, it was good to see one of the larger flowering Leptospermums in flower, and the Petrophile, while always seeing the seed cones this is the first time I have seen it flowering (is this as good as gets?).

Leptospermum squarrosum  -
 Pink Tea Tree, Peach-flowered Tea Tree
Petrophile puchehella  -  Conesticks
Hibbertia aspera  -  Rough Guinea Flower
Epacris pulchella  -  NSW Coral Heath
Caustis flexuosa  -
 Curly Sedge / Grandfathers Whiskers (flowers)
Baeckea  diosmifolia  -  Fringed Baeckea.
Persoonia pinifolia  - Pine-leaf Geebung
Lambertia formosa - Mountain Devil.
Hibbertia riparia  -   Erect Guinea-flower.
Actinotus minor  -  Lesser Flannel Flower.
Pteridium esculentum  -  Bracken, Common Bracken
Banksia oblongifolia  -
  Fern-leaf Banksia, Rusty Banksia
Darwinia fascicularis ssp. fascicularis  -
  Strawberries and Cream
Grevillea buxifolia  -  Grey Spider-flower

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG. Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.
It's not a mosquito.

Any guesses?

Sugar Ants are usually only seen at night, but the incoming storm has them building up the side of their nest to prevent too much water running in.

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