Friday, July 12, 2013

Quarry Rd Dural 12th July 2013

Back to one of my favourite spots for today's outing hoping to find some new ground orchids but, I was only able to find one specimen with another in bud.
A nice sunny day, a couple of new species for me and a couple more I was finally able to put names to made it an enjoyable day.

Grevillea speciosa  -   Red Spider Flower.
Grevillea speciosa  -   Red Spider Flower.
Explodes like a fireworks display.

Gompholobium glabratum  -  Dainty Wedge Pea.
A new one for the list.
Hakea sericea  -  Bushy Needlebush.
The seed pod looking like some grotesque bug that would
bite your finger off.

Gleichenia rupestris  -  Coral Fern.
Tetratheca ericifolia  -  Black-eyed Susan.

Hakea gibbosa  -  Needlebush.
Another cute seed pod.

Lambertia formosa  -  Mountain Devil.
This is the July photo of this species.

Bossiaea heterophylla  -  Variable Bossiaea.

Lindsaea linearis  -  Screw Fern.

Fungi from today.

Styphelia tubiflora  -   Red Five-corners.
Another new one for the list.

Dampiera stricta  -  Blue Dampiera.

Leucopogon microphyllus. Small-leaved White Beard.
These tiny bearded gems are easily overlooked.

Boronia ledifolia  -
 Showy Boronia, Sydney Boronia, Ledum Boronia.
Finally bit the bullet and put a name to this one.

(not sure)
One of the peas in the Fabaceae family.

Dillwynia parvifolia  -  Small Parrot-pea.

Dillwynia parvifolia  -  Small Parrot-pea.
Another new one for the list.


Aboriginal grinding grooves.

Aboriginal grinding grooves.

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