Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Home Garden.

It was too hot to go out the other Friday, today it was too wet (plus strong winds and possible hail) to go any distance. Not wanting to have 2 blank Fridays I did a quick dash around our home garden in between rain showers. 
Even though all these plant are in our own garden, I haven't always recorded the names and therefore some of the plants will just have a generic family name.

A Hoya, which is growing in a pot in the fork of a Firewheel Tree.

Iberis  -  Candytuft.  These are self-sown from plants I first grew last year. 

Epidendrum ibaguense  -  Crucifix Orchid.

Crinum pedunculatum  -  Swamp Lilly  (native).

Desmodium varians  -  Slender Tick-trefoil  (native).

Sedum 'Gold Mound'.

Plectranthus parviflorus  -  Cockspur Flower  (native).

Flower of Tillandsia usneoides  -  Spanish Moss, Grey beard, Old Man's Beard.

Hibiscus geranioides  -  Geranium-leaf Hibiscus  (native).


The smaller fertile flowers of a 'lacecap'  Hydrangea begin to open.

The larger sterile flowers of the same plant  (fertile flowers can be seen at the back).

Melaleuca hypericifolia  -  Hillock Bush  (native).


Austromyrtus dulcis  -  Midyim, Midgen Berry  (native).

Anigozanthos flavidus  -  Kangaroo Paw  (native).

A Salvia that prefers a bit of shade and moisture.

A Hosta awakes from it's winter slumber.

Brillantaisia nitens -
 Tropical Giant Sage, False Tropical Sage, Tropical Giant Salvia. 


FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

This caterpillar was making a meal of my Tropical Giant Sage.

Very happy to see that we have Stingless Bees (Trigona sp.) in the yard, even if they are on an exotic plant. This now
brings to about seven species of native bee that visit the garden.

Blue-banded Bee, the most common bee in the garden.

An Eastern Water-skink in the veggie patch.

Rainbow Lorikeets add a splash of colour.

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