Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quarry Road Dural. 28th December 2013.

Found two out of the three targeted species today, but in the progress scored a bonus. Christmas Bells and  Hyacinth Orchid were 2 of the 3 with the missing one, once again, was the Snake Orchid, found one with seed pods but no flowers. The bonus was a second species of Hyacinth Orchid.
A surprise was finding a white Tetratheca (Black-eyed Susan) as these are usually pink.

Blandfordia nobilis  -  Christmas Bell.

Scaevola ramosissima  -  Purple Fan-flower, Snake Flower.

Angophora hispida  -  Dwarf Apple, Scrub Apple.
Looking sad but still colourful  after flowering.

Angophora costata  -  Sydney Red Gum, Smooth. Barked Apple.

Acacia linifolia.  - Flax-leafed Wattle.

Persoonia pinifolia  - Pine-leaf Geebung.

Petrophile puchehella - Conesticks.

Tetratheca ericifolia  -  Black-eyed Susan.

Tetratheca ericifolia  -  Black-eyed Susan  (white).
This was the first time I had seen a white flowered plant as they are normally pink.

One of the Mistletoes.   The sticky fruit was not as nice as some I've tried.

Dampiera stricta  -  Blue Dampiera.

Lambertia formosa  -  Mountain Devil. 

Dipodium punctatum  - Hyacinth Orchid, Christmas Orchid.

Dipodium variegatum  -  Slender Hyacinth Orchid,  Blotched Hyacinth Orchid, Spotted Hyacinth Orchid.

Caesia parviflora  -  Grass Lily.

Grevillea buxifolia  -  Grey Spider-flower.

Banksia serrata  -  Old Man Banksia.
Fallen seed cone with a new seedling. 

Lomatia silaifolia  -  Crinkle Bush.

Eucalyptus haemastoma  -  Scribbly Gum.
Scribbles are cause by a moth larvae. 

Hybanthus vernonii  -  Erect Violet.

A collection of Scribbly Gums in the afternoon sun.

This battle-scarred Scribbly Gum is sill hanging on after I first photographed it some 28 years ago.


Wiggly lines/tracks on rocks are where native slugs have eaten off the algae.

Snake Plant, Hyacinth Orchid, Crinkle Bush, Flannel Flower, Match-heads, Christmas Bells.

Hakea and rock shelf with grinding grooves (hidden).

Grass Trees and boulders.

Sydney Red Gum and scattered Eucalypts.

Photographing plants in the wild does have its dangers.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

Copper-tailed Skink.

Camouflaged larvae on Lesser Flannel Flower.

Double Drummer Cicada, responsible for all the noise on the videos.

One of the Orb-web spiders.  Ambush or Triangular Spider  -  Backobourkia heroine.

One of the 'stink' bugs.

Little Eagle (?)

St Andrews Cross Spider.

A pretty fly.

I thinks it's an ant.

In the past I have seen Peacock chicks crossing the road near where I saw this proud male strutting his stuff along the roadway.


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