Friday, September 12, 2014

Wildflowers From The South of Western Australia. 12th September 2014

The first of two Fridays in Western Australia.

The flora today was photographed in the Ravensthorpe and Fitzroy River National Park localities in Western Australia. We were on a Ross Tours Wildflower Trip led by Angus Stewart, from the ABC's Gardening Australia show.

The whole Wildflower Trip can be seen on my other blog at  Gumnuts and Other Stuff.

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Area covered today circled in red.

Regelia velutina  -  Barrens Regelia.

Acacia glaucopterab  -  Flat Wattle

Native peas were plentiful.

Native peas, similar but not the same.

not sure

Calytrix sp.  -  Starflower.

not sure

2 species of Eucalyptus.

Grevillea sp.

Lysinema ciliatum  -  Curry Flower.

I think this is Lasiopetalum compactum  -   Velvet Bush

2 species of  Stylidium  -  Trigger Plants.

I think this is one of the Dampieras.

Calothamnus sp.  -  One-sided Bottlebrush or Claw Flower.

Dryandra sp.

Pimelea physodes  -  Qualup Bell.  Not your 'normal'  Pimelea.

Goodenia sp.

Colourful foliage of the  Hakea victoria   -  Royal Hakea.

Flower buds of Banksia lemanniana  -  Yellow Lantern Banksiaption.

Thelymitra sp.  -  Sun Orchid  (could be occidentalis)

Grevillea concinna  -  Red Combs, Elegant Grevillea.

Conostylis sp.  -  Cottonheads.

not sure

Both these are  Adenanthos species.  Woolly Bush on the left and
Adenanthos obovatus (Jugflower) on the right.

Isopogon Sp.

Grevillea nudiflora   (no common name).

Flower buds of Eucalyptus erthyrocorys  -  Red-cap Gum (opening)
  and (I think) Eucalyptus lehmannii  -  Bushy Yate.

not sure

Calothamnus pinifolius  -  Dense Clawflower.

Kunzea affinis.

Verticordia sp.  -  Feather Flower


View from Barrens Lookout towards Culham Inlet, Barrens Beach,
Four Mile Beach and the Southern Ocean.

Fitzgerald River National Park WA

Ravensthorpe area.

Ravensthorpe area.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

Monitor lizard  (goanna).


A pair of Sooty Oystercatchers patrol the waters edge.

The End

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