Friday, August 24, 2012

Lake Parramatta. 24th Aug 2012

Stayed close to home this Friday as Lynn's mother is ill in hospital.
Although I was here only there 5 weeks ago a new batch of plants were now coming into flower. With a list of plants species exceeding 400, and covering some 93 hectares (230 acres) this area (only 7 minutes from home) will be used as my backup destination if events on a Friday don't allow me enough time to travel further afield.
 The winds, the same as last Friday, made photographing flowers a little frustrating.

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The lake covers an area of about 10.5 hectares (25 acres).
This used to be the water supply for Parramatta from 1856
to about 1909. The top of the dam wall can be seen in the

Pomaderris intermedia  -  Lemon Dogwood.

The golden glow of a wattle welcomes
me along the track.

Daviesia ulicifolia  -  Gorse Bitter Pea.

Pandorea pandorana   -   Wonga Wonga Vine

Leucopogon lanceolatus - Lance Beard-heath

The purple  haze of
 Hardenbergia violacea  -  False Sarsaparilla

Clematis glycinoides  -   Forest Clematis / Old Man's Beard.

Billardiera scandens
 Apple Berry / Apple Dumpling

Olearia microphylla
 Bridal Daisy Bush / Small-leaved Daisy Bush.

Olearia microphylla
 Bridal Daisy Bush / Small-leaved Daisy Bush.

Violet (introduced weed). Pretty in a garden but a
f#%*&!  nuisance in the bush.

Freesia (introduced weed). Pretty in a garden but a f#%*&!  nuisance in the bush.

Hibbertia sp.

Patersonia sp

Bossiaea obcordata  -  Spiny Bossiaea

Hibbertia aspera  -  Rough Guinea Flower

Glycine clandestina  -  Twining Glycine

Kennedia Rubicunda   -  Dusky Coral Pea

Eriostemon australasius - Pink wax flower

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

The Barking Owl was calling at 4pm and was only about 2 metres from the ground.

Barking Owl

Barking Owl

Barking Owl

Hardhead (White-eye) Duck

Hardhead (White-eye) Duck

Pacific Black Duck

Little Pied Cormorant

Feral honey bee on Grevillea.

Superb Blue Wren

Termite nest (they normally don't wear hats
but the sun was out)

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