Friday, August 3, 2012

Blackheath (Sometimes There's Nothing in Winter). 3rd Aug 2012

Ivy and old fence.

What a difference to the bush are northern hemisphere based gardens in winter. At Blackheath in the Blue Mountains it is pretty drab at this time of the year (although it makes up for it in Spring).
This is the best I could do on a quickish walk around the village to the Rhododendron Garden.
(There's no more photos)

Better things to come.
A Blackheath garden.
Pine bark.
I told you I was dead.
Poa and Pine.
Like my new hair style?

...........but it's pretty.

Rh. Cornubia.

I thought Autumn had finished.
Waiting their turm.
Waiting their turm.
Waiting their turm.  (Waratah)
Couldn't wait and got caught by frost.

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Rh. Christmas Cheer.
Daisies in the street.
Daisies in the street.
Some cream from the chemist should fix it.
(Gall on gum tree)
They should look like this after
 summmer, not now.
It was too drab in grey.

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