Friday, November 30, 2012

Lisgar Gardens, Hornsby. 30th November.

I would have preferred to have visited this garden during a mid-spring season after first visiting here in autumn but, alas, that visit has been brought forward a little.
Another visit to the doctor, a possible family 'taxi run' and predicted 40+C (104F) temperatures had me looking for somewhere fairly close to home, quick to walk around and shaded from the sun, Lisgar Gardens covered all those requirements.
All the colour I had hoped to see in spring had gone and all that was left were bare beds of soil.

Sweet William  -  Dianthus hybrid.

Bark of the Chinese Elm  -  Ulmus parvifolia
(Lace Bark)
Potato Vine  -  Solanum jasminoides.

Un-furling Bird's Nest Fern fronds.

Colourful Hydrangea.

Colourful Hydrangea.

Colourful Hydrangea.

Colourful Hydrangea.

Water through the greenery.
One day a princess, the next, just litter on the ground.
Tree Fern and Hydrangea.

A small Begonia clings to a mossy rock wall.
Kenilworth Ivy / Colisseum Ivy  -   Cymbalaria muralis.
White Agapanthus ready to burst out.
Blue Agapanthus ready to burst out.
Looking a lot like a sea-side Brittle Star
this fern (Sticherus sp. ?) brightens up the
 gardens shady forest floor.
Acanthus  -  Bear's Breeches.
Camellia, winter flowering running a little late.
Azalea, like a taillight in the understory.

Swirls and twirls.

      The Wildlife From Today.

Adult wireworm or Click Beetle.

One of the Long Legged Flies (sorry about quality).

Eastern Water Dragon amongs the Monstera.

Eastern Water Dragon.
Wasp ? (sorry about the quality).

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