Friday, November 2, 2012

Mill Creek, Dharug National Park. 2nd November.

Today's 22C was more  respectable than yesterday's 35C and made the 1.5km walk quite pleasant. With a sunny rocky hillside and a small ferny rainforest along the creek the variety of habitat, I was hoping, would give me a good choice of subjects. The spring floral explosion had well and truly  finished but, on the bright side, because of the lack of rain, there were no leaches to bother me.
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Scaevola ramosissima  -
 Purple Fan-flower / Snake flower.

Eucalyptus textures.
With not a lot in flower I had to get some colour somewhere.

Astrotricha floccosa  -  Flannel Leaf

Brachycome sp.  -  Daisy

Todea barbara  -  King Fern
Poranthera microphylla - Small Poranthera
Oxylobium ilicifolium (?)  -  Native Holly
Grass tree.
So structural I must take a photo.
Dodonaea boroniifolia  -  Fern-leaf Hop Bush
Pimelea ligustrina ssp.hypericina  -  Tall Rice-flower.
Polymeria calycina  -  Bindweed.
Sticherus flabellatus  -  Shiny Fan-fern / Umbrella Fern.
Sticherus flabellatus - Shiny Fan-fern / Umbrella Fern.
Fronds yet to open and shadow.
Hibbertia denata - Guinea Flower.
Callicoma serratifolia  -  Black Wattle.
Dendrobium linguiforme - Tongue Orchid.
(no flowers)
Lomandra sp.
Hibbertia scandes  -  Climbing Guinea Flower.
Clematis sp. Old Man's Beard (seeds).

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.       Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.






Red-browed Firetail.

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