Friday, January 4, 2013

Barren Grounds Nature Reserve 4th January 2013

Todays outing has made me realize that walking in the mid 30C's (95F) temperatures for 4 hours with very little shade and on very reflective quartz sands is not really the best way to spend a Friday afternoon. Next time, I think I should pick out somewhere a little cooler, like a rainforest or my next door neighbour's pool. I was too late for the Chrismas Bells (there were just a couple I saw) but this place would be great in the spring and I shall return.
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Callistemon citrinus  -  Red Bottlebrush.
Platysace lanceolata   -  Lance-leaf Platysace  /
Shrubby Platysace / Native Parsnip.
Acacia obtusifolia.
Baeckea linifolia ??
Drosera binata  -  Forked Sundew.
Helichrysum diosmifolium  - 
Pill Flower / Ball Everlasting.
Thysanotus sp  -  Fringe Lily.
Baeckea imbricata  -  Heathmyrtle.
Persoonia mollis  -  Soft Geebung.
Allocasuarina nana  -  Dwarf She-oak.
Eucalyptus sp.   (dendromorpha ?? obtusifolia ??).
Dracophyllum secundum.
Epacris longiflora  -  Fuchsia Heath.
Bauera rubioides  -  River Dog Rose.
Pimelea sp.
Goodenia ovata  -  Hop Goodenia.
Although I have this growing at home it's the first time
I've seen it growing in the wild.
Gahnia sp  -  Saw Sedge.
Sometimes you will see these red seeds in Fox droppings.
Prostanthera lasianthos  -
 Victorian Christmas Bush.
Epilobium billardierianum  -  Willow Herb.
Blechnum camfieldii ?? (copper tones)
Different fern leaf shapes.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.       Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

Striped Ladybird -  Micraspis frenata.

Plague Soldier Beetle. Chauliogna​thus lugubris.

Praying Mantis.

Her favourite cape, with the fur trim.

Termite mound.

Enjoying themselves.

Rufous Fantail.
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Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo.

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