Friday, January 18, 2013

Waterlilies (Austral Watergardens) 18th Jan 2013

 There was no way I was going to be out walking for any length of time today with the temperatures predicted to be be in the low 40's C again. The waterlilies garden, I hoped, would give me the maximum floral opportunities in the minimum time so as not to be in the sun for too long.
As it turned out it was a smart move as Sydney reached a record 45.8C (114.4F) and at home it reached 45.5C (113.9F). The fellow at the garden told me that the blooms would probably burn in the predicted heat, and, as I was leaving at about midday that just what they were starting to do.
Nelumbo Kakadun  (Lotus)

(hardy type)

Chromatella   (hardy type)

Empress   (tropical type)

Sunrise (hardy type)

(tropical type)

(tropical type)
(hardy type)

(tropical type)


Red Stemmed Thalia.

Pitcher Plant
hardy type and
Nymphoides Spinulosperma  -   Water Fringe Lily

Nymphoides Indica.

Director Moore   (tropical type)
(tropical type)
(tropical type)
(tropical type)
Sunflower (that's because, that's what it is)
Nearing midday, due to the heat, the flowers started to burn.
 As I was only wearing open sandals my toes were also
beginning to burn and it was time to head for home.

R and FANG.       Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

Eastern Water Skink

Starting a new life.

Dragon Fly
A Noisy Miner cooling off.

Water Strider.

Dwarf Tree Frog.
I thought it was going to cook itself on the leaf.

Mmmmmm, frog for lunch.
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  1. The Water Lilies are simply magnificent. The creatures around the water are terrific. But those temperatures are just horrendous. What a summer you're having down there.

    1. Yes, the temperatures have been horrendous all over the country. The crazy thing is that todays and yesterdays temperatures were 23 degrees cooler than that of Friday.