Saturday, May 4, 2013

In The Home Garden 4th May 2013

Half a day in hospital yesterday saw that I wouldn't be doing very much today.  So in the backyard, decked out in a dressing gown (I must have been unwell) I decided, as there wasn't a great deal in flower, to just take images that I wouldn't normally take of the plants.
Click on photos to enlarge.
Footnote: Went back into hospital Saturday (5am) and out on Monday.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Slide On In
Oxalis lobata.
Spiral In Spikes
Euphorbia sp.

The Maze
Angophora floribunda  -  Rough-bark Apple
Not So Mirror-Ball
Anemone hupehensis -
 Japanese Wind Flower
(after the flower's gone)

All The Tread Has Gone
Stenocarpus sinuatus  -  Firewheel Tree
(after the flower's gone)
Hooked On You
Banksia robur  -  Swamp Banksia
Heaven To A Blue-Banded Bee
Plectranthus sp.
Cells Do Not A Prison Make
Philydrum lanuginosum  -  Woolly Frogmouth

Future Generations
Doodia aspera  -  Prickly Rasp Fern
Nowhere To Hide
Enjoying The Sun
Abutilon - Japanese/Chinese Lantern
Warm Winter Coat
Magnolia  -  'Port Wine'
Book Of Life
Asplenium australasicum  -  Bird's Nest Fern
Honey Inn
Banksia spinulosa  -  Hairpin Banksia
Hairway To Heaven
Plectranthus sp.
Schlumbergera truncata hybrid  - 
Crab's Claw Cactus, Zygocactus

Warts and All
Syzygium sp.
Leaf psyllid, Trioza eugeniae, damage)
Green Thumb
Platycerium bifurcatum  -  Elkhorn Fern
(underleaf, back lit)

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG. Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.
Honey Bee

Grass Hopper

Caterpillar munching on my Swamp Lilly
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