Friday, June 7, 2013

Early Winter Colour From Home. 7th June 2013.

Flora Friday in Oz will now go into a winter 'slowdown'.
I've decided that travelling (sometimes) 200+ kms and then struggling  to fine sufficient species to photograph and then spending up to 3 day working out species names, editing, etc , that I would take this 'slack' time to catch up on other things, such as gardening and maybe catching up with my other blogs.
There will be some Fridays where I will take some photos and others where there may be none, see how we go.
Today's little lot are a couple of the bright regular faces of early winter.


Reinwardtia indica  -  Yellow Flax

Tagetes lemmonii  -  Tree Marigold
Schlumbergera truncata  -  Zygocactus

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