Friday, September 6, 2013

Nature Photography Workshop - Lake Parramatta.

This weeks photos are from a Nature Photography Workshop at Lake Parramatta Reserve put on to celebrate Threatened Species Day and was organised by the Parramatta Council's Open Space and Natural Resources Team.
 The morning was led by John Martyn, author of  'Sydney's Natural World',  and it was good to get some helpful tips and to see the bush through other people's eyes.
     ( N.B. this workshop was held on the Saturday which I substituted for my Friday outing)
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Made this way for a reason.
Back-lit leaf.
Pittosporum undulatum  -  Native Daphne, Sweet Pittosporum, Snowdrop Tree.

Lilly pads glisten on the lake.
Like to give you a big cuddle.
Grevillea buxifolia  -  Grey Spider-flower.
Colours of  the fallen.
One of the Native Peas, Fabaceae family.
Scarred by fire.
Grab your partner and do-si-do.
Breynia oblongifolia  -  Breynia, Dwarf's Apples, Coffee Bush.

Caught in the act.
Clematis glycinoides  -   Forest Clematis / Old Man's Beard.
Leucopogon lanceolatus  -  Lance Beard-heath.
This was so much more vibrant than it's surroundings.
Weed of the Lawns.
Arctotheca calendula  -  Cape Weed, Cape Dandelion, Cape Marigold.
Hardenbergia violacea  -  Purple Twining Pea.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

One of the Leaf Beetles.
Laughing Kookaburra.
Guess who looked at Medusa.
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