Friday, September 13, 2013

Geriatrically (me) Modified Flora or What to Do When You're Tired.

Science has had there way with modifying some of our food plants but what if someone wanted to change our garden plants to their own tastes.

Something for the red-house.
Now a blue Clivia might make some money.
Would this stop bees from pollinating our oranges.
A red Banksia Rose........maybe?
I could get to like this Banksia Rose.
I would name this Lavender, 'Flame'.
A black Campanula would be popular.
They must leave the leaves green!
Some might get away with it.
I suppose this could brighten up the odd dark corner.
Johnny Jump-ups just wouldn't be the same.
A mauve Maidenhair Fern, looks cool.......mmmmmavbe.
Crabby Apple more like it.
Pink juice in the morning for breakfast.

Just letting of a bit of steam on this Black Friday (13th) after a busy (for me) week helping with some renovations. Thought I might use some functions on the camera that I wouldn't usually use.
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