Friday, October 4, 2013

Tulips to Rainforest - Bowral and Robertson. 4th October 2013.

Today's outing saw some conflicting aspects of the flora world. On one side is the almost obscene, but very colourful, manipulation of the genus Tulipa (Tulips). The other side is more the natural, plants in the raw, some colourful, some plain, but the excitement comes in finding them like the little orchids hanging on to the exposed rocks high above the valley far below.
So from the brightly coloured regimented rows of Tulips at the Corbett Gardens in Bowral to the Robertson Rainforest (Endangered Ecological Community) and Hindmarsh Lookout / Belmore Falls, also at Robertson .
                    (A lesson learnt today, always check to make sure the lens of the camera are clean, it's too late when you are checking the photos on the computer).

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These were once more expensive than gold.

All the colours of the rainbow. There would have been a better display
last week as the hot weather was now starting to take it's toll on the blooms.

Like ice-cream with just a little strawberry flavouring.


Wow, reminds me of the hot colours from the 70's.


Looks like a character from the Muppets.
Twice the colour.
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I did like this one.


Tulip variety 'Connoisseur'.
Tulip variety 'Angelique'.
Cherry blossom and Japanese Maple.
A flowering cherry in a private Bowral garden catches Lynn's eye.
Check out the number of blooms on this Waratah in a garden
at Robertson.

Fragrant Fern in the Robertson rainforest.  
   Kangaroo Fern in the Robertson rainforest.
 Scrambling Lily in the Robertson rainforest.
One of the native peas, but not sure which one.
Dockrillia striolata -  Streaked Rock Orchid on cliff at Hindmarsh Lookout.
You can get an idea of the orchids size by comparing them to the cigarette butt that some grub has thrown on the rock, and
people wonder how bushfires start!

Dockrillia striolata -  Streaked Rock Orchid.
Dampiera sp.

Goodenia ovata  -  Hop Goodenia.
Mirbelia rubiifolia  -
 Heathy Mirbelia, Wallum Mirbelia.

Belmore Falls

Hindmarsh Lookout
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