Friday, October 25, 2013

Rumsey Rose Garden (Original) - Parramatta. 25th October 2013.

      (How the flowers of the garden were originally photographed, see other post of same date)

With roads and National Parks closed and a thick smoke haze covering Sydney from the fires still burning in the mountains, today wasn't a good one to travelling far.
The Heritage roses in this garden were a gift from Heather and Roy Rumsey and are now maintained by the Heritage Roses Group and the Parramatta Park Trust.
There are some loose themes running through this post with the following, gate house, park bench, Jacaranda and Illawarra Flame Tree appearing in the background of most photos .

Images labelled 'Rumsey Rose Garden'  had no labels with the plants or I could just not work out which was which.

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Rosa rugosa  'Scabrosa'

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

Damask Rose

Captain Christy

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

 Rumsey Rose Garden.


 Rumsey Rose Garden.

'Honorine de Brabant'

'Rosa rugosa typica'

'Mme Alfred Carriere'


'Madame Bruel'

'New Dawn'

'Old Blush'

'Rosa rugosa typica'

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

Rosa majalis

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

 Rumsey Rose Garden.

They come at a cost.

Garden of the Gate House.

FEATHERS, FUR and FANG.                 Some Of The Wildlife Seen Today.

Common Spotted Ladybird.

One of the native bees enjoying an exotic meal.

Australian White Ibis.


Epacris longiflora  -  Fuchsia Heath.

                Xanthorrhoea sp.  Grass Tree.
Reaching the end of flowering. 
 Only the second flower spike in 10 years.

Brillantaisia nitens  -  Tropical Giant Salvia.
First flowers since being planted in May 2012.

Dianella sp.     Flax-lily.

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