Friday, October 12, 2012

O'Rielly's Rainforest Retreat Qld. 12th Oct 2012

This Friday I was in the Lamington National Park in Qld staying at O'Rielly's Rainforest Retreat.
Not a lot of  colour in a rainforest, other than green if you down at ground level, but as they contain 50% of all plant species there is plenty of  'flora' to choose from.

Click here for more photos and videos.

Black Booyong
Climbing fern.
Stinging Tree
Stinging Tree
Bleeding Heart leaf.
Peperomia tetraphylla
Four-leaved Pepper Plant.
Giant Maidenhair Fern
not sure
not sure
Senecio sp.
Geitonoplesium cynosum  -  Scrambling Lily.
Grass trees.
Hakea sp.
Dendrobium kingianum 
Pink Rock Orchid.
Platycerium bifurcatum  -  Elkhorn.
Rainforest fruits.
Birds-nest Fern

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