Friday, October 5, 2012

Quarry Rd Dural. 5th October 2012

Calochilus sp.  -  Beard Orchid
If this is your first visit to this site "welcome". This is where I show the plants, mainly Australian natives, from my 'Friday forays to photograph flora'.

Time constraints, temperature in the mid 30'sC and gusty winds (again) kept me once again close to home. Even though the main early Spring display had finished there was still enough species to keep me occupied at one of my favourite spots.
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Viminaria juncea  -  Native Broom / Golden Spray

Conospermum ericifolium -  Coneseeds
Comesperma ericinum  -
  Pink Matchheads / Heath Milkwort.

Grevillea buxifolia  -  Grey Spider-flower.

Grevillea buxifolia  -  Grey Spider-flower, seed pods.

Cassinia denticulata  -  Stiff Cassinia
Wahlenbergia gracilis  - 
Sprawling Bluebell, Australian Bluebell.
Caleana sp.  -  Flying Duck-orchid
Caleana sp.  -  Flying Duck-orchid
Conospermum longifolium  -  Long-leaf Coneseeds .

Hybanthus vernonii  -  Erect Violet.

Mitrasacme polymorpha  -  Mitre Weed
Sphaerolobium vimineum  - 
Leafless Globe Pea.
Drosera spathulata  -  Common Sundew

Lindsaea linearis  -  Screw Fern

Angophora hispida  -  Dwarf Apple
 (buds and new growth)
Actinotus minor - Lesser Flannel Flower
Drosea sp.  -  Sundew.
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