Friday, October 26, 2012

Mount Annan (Plant Coversations) 26th Oct 2012

"Stop that, it tickles"
 A little weird this week.
Some people talk to plants, so, what if plants could talk to each other ,what would they say?
( Talking Plants)
Click here to see other photos from today. (non-speaking plants can be seen in post below).

"Sit down in front, we can't see"

"I told them I would do it if they gave me 
just one last chance"
"Hey Mavis, we're just over here!"
"I just don't know how she copes with all those children"

"So that's where seeds come from"
Sex education poster for plants.
(male and female parts of a Wollemi Pine)

"Darling, I think I'm pregnant"

"I think you will enjoy it here in the Monastery"
"I couldn't help it, I was busting"
"Do you think anyone will notice us down here?"
"Breath, breath, now pushhhhhhh!"
"Yes, I didn't have any wrinkles back in those days"
Looking at old school photos.
"I always wanted to be in
show business"
"How come I always get one of these just
before a big date"
" I think Garry has a chip on his shoulder (he he he)"
"Aagghhhhh, I didn't want to go this way!!!"
"I think someone is getting a little jealous"
'I just wish I was a little different so I could stand out
in the crowd"
" I heard that Sam was found guilty
 and he was to be executed"
"Sam was rotten, so let this be a lesson to you all"
What the Judge said.

"I don't know why, but no-one
ever take my photo"

"She's not that pretty without her make-up on"

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  1. Thanks. When I start hearing plants talk I think, maybe I have had too much sun. Bill.